Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gas Dryer Conversion

Let's begin with the brass

plug with a little nylon pin

sticking out of it (see the

conversion kit picture above).

That white nylon pin is called

the blocking pin. Unscrew the

plug on the valve, called a

leak limiter, and replace it

with the new one that has the

blocking pin. This changes the

gas regulator pressure setting

for propane.Next, change the

orifice metering plug in the

burner. This controls the

amount of gas that enters the

combustion area.

One point of technique here.

Both the metering orifice and

the blocking pin plug are made

of brass and going into a

steel valve body. Brass is

softer than steel and will

make a gas-tight seal without

having to use gorilla force.

When you screw these brass

fittings in, don’t go nuclear,

just snug ‘em down.


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  2. Great article, thank you it helped me. But I have a question.

    Since the valve regulates the pressure, if I use a small propane tank with my dryer do I still need to put a regulator on that too?

  3. I have a WGD9750 and am attempting to do as you suggest but I have one problem. There does not appear to be a cap on the Pressure Regulator. There appears to be a small shallow hole in the top but no cap to remove.


    I have taken a picture but I have no way to post it.