Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot wired window unit

Today I hot wired another window unit. The electronics and fan had failed. The compressor and sealed system worked great. So why toss it? I added a fan motor from another unit with bad compressor and hard wired it to work anywhere cooling is needed. Just plug it in the wall to turn it on, get too cold unplug it! OR A simple low voltage relay with transformer and wall t-stat will control the temp. OR yall could rig most any old cold control to break the power when the desired temp is reached.
Their are 2 kinds of peeps in the world.
Them that has AC and them that don't!
Quote me on that will ya?
Wiring is simple. The power cord has a green "GROUND" wire, a white "COMMON" wire and a black "Hot" wire. The white goes to capacitor, the black goes with compressor run wire and any fan speed (I chose HI speed). The LOW and MED speeds are live and must be taped off separately and away from the frame.
Captain's log supplemental:
Today I added a cold control to the unit. On the unit is a junction block with 2 separate gangs of spade connectors. The gang to the right is empty. The gang to the left has a black HOT wire and a black HI speed fan wire and a RUN wire from the compressor. I simply remove the hot wire and placed it next door in the empty gang. I attached a wired from the cold control also. The other cold control wire I added back to the connector that I removed the power wire from. Now the unit will cycle on and off when the house gets cold.


  1. I wish they could invent Cool-O-Vision!
    Yall could feel the cold air coming out of this puppy!

  2. Note:
    If yall wanted to HEAT an area
    just swap the ends