Saturday, August 7, 2010

Riding Mower Mystery Solved: Mower quits after 15 minutes then runs again when cooled down

I have had problems with my mowing equipment. After 15 minutes the mower would die then when cool it would run again. I changed the plug, the gas, the fuel filter,cleaned the air filter, and changed out the magneto coil, none of which fixed it. I removed the fuel solenoid from under the carb and nipped the end off the plunger with snips. That fixed it. The function of the solenoid is to kill the gas when the key is shut off. Near as I can tell the solenoid was going out when hot and working while cool. You cannot just defeat the solenoid by unplugging it because that releases the spring loaded pin and the pin shoves the float up and therefore kills the gas. I had to either spend $50 on a solenoid or nip this problem in the bud. Nipped the plunger and all is well. I posted the solution with photos HERE.

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