Monday, June 14, 2010

Grundfos freshwater systems pump guide

Grundfos Product guide

Grundfos install and operating instructions

The Grundos MQ pump is compact and extremely easy to install. The pressure switch and tank are already built into the MQ. Furthermore, it is self priming and water cooled with a very low noise level. The outlet pipe connection can be angled up to 5ยบ to fit your existing pipe-work.

Grundfos' MQ pump is simple and easy to operate. The settings are clearly indicated on the user friendly control panel with indicator lights for Pump on/off, auto reset, and an alarm indicating dry running or overheating.

Grundfos MQ is built for trouble free operation. It's construction from corrosion resistant materials means it can be used for clean water. The anti-cycling feature prevents the pump from repeatedly starting and stopping in the event of a dripping tap or a minor leak. If there is no water available, the pump will stop to protect itself and restart automatically when water is available again.

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