Saturday, November 28, 2009

Furnace Auto-ignition Furnace: Quick cycling

Auto-ignition Furnace: Quick cycling


  1. Foggy when I could have seen who was giving the advice, I'd have voted for your answer. It seems to fit the problem, and I voted for mine, and I got the 10 points, too bad, the asker seems to have paid no attention to good advice. clcprodigy, wish I could give the 10 points back.

  2. For me it is not about points. It is about helping is all.Thanks

  3. JW, I just wanted to let you know that we've been dealing with this exact problem for about a week now and it's been a little chilly. In our efforts to conserve money (calling a tech), we've re-learned what blankets are for. Handy little things.

    Well, I said enough is enough and started researching the problem and found your post and I'll be darned if that was exactly what the problem was.

    I was intimidated at first since I am not a furnace repairman but once I saw where the sensor was located and the one little screw holding it in, it was a piece of cake.

    Freezing our butts off for about a week - minus $20 (gas we didn't use in furnace)

    Sandpaper I used to clean the sensor - $0 (already had it)

    Our appreciation for this post - A Bajillion dollars (give or take 999 Billion dollars)

    Thanks again.

  4. Dude,

    YOU ROCK ! Thank You for taking the time !!

    Worked like a charm.


  5. I woke up at 8:30 this morning to the sound of my gas furnace cycling off and on ... off and on. As it is Sunday, I decided I had no alternatives but to prepare myself for a cold night ahead and place a service call on Monday. One minute searching Google brought me to your blog and twenty minutes later ... I have heat! Thank you so much!!

  6. My American Standard furnace is doing the same thing. So far I have not seen a flame sensor, or thermocouple, but I did find what I looked up and found was a 190 degree limit switch. Is that a third option? Sounds like it might be.

  7. Thank you very much, cleaning the flame sensor did the trick. It's probably the coldest I can remember in SoCal, don't laugh...

  8. I was nervous at first to play around with the furnace. I am one to break things further trying to repair something simple. This fix is really that simple, one screw, sandpaper, screw it back and now we have heat. It's a Saturday, so we saved the gouging weekend rate.

  9. I was having this same issue. I was able to repair my furnance. It is 31 degrees outside so this was much welcomed!