Thursday, December 31, 2009

Going from 3 wires to 4

Excellent video shows how to swap wires on a kenmore dryer.

Dryer of Tomorrow

This shows how to get into this very complicated but nice Kenmore/Kitchenaid dryer.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Samsung frontload washer service manual

Samsung Frontier front load washer repair manual

Bosch Dishwasher SHU models Service Manual

Bosch SHU Models Dishwasher Repair Manual

Affinity front load repair manual

Affinity Front load washer Repair Manual

Model number location for washer

Could you post the model number of your washer.
The model number is located on the model/serial number tag that can be found on the washer.

Check picture above for possible model number tag locations.

Thanks for posting your questions.

Dryer model number location

What is the model number of your dryer?

You can find the model number on the model/serial number tag that is located on the dryer.

Check picture above for possible model number tag locations.

Thanks for posting your questions.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kenmore/Whirlpool/Roper dryer manny

Old School Dryer Repair Manual from Whirlpool

Adaptive Defrost Control Info

In these new fangled ice boxs is what you call adaptive defrost control. Instead of the old tried and true defrost timer, brainiacs have decided to use artificial intelligence to determine defrost.
The basic pattern of adaptive defrost is:
Hey I ain't making this up. The ADC (adaptive defrost control) Counts the number of times the doors are opened, the total compressor run time, and the length of time the defrost heaters were on during the last defrost. This method supposedly enables the adc to work nice in all kinds of conditions, whether hot and humid or cold and frigid climates. COOLING Mode will remain for an indefinite time or until defrost is determined by the micro-processor. When all systems are go for defrost the adc makes the jump to light speed by going into PRE-CHILL, this brings down the temps in the freezer to off set the defrost operation so that the food temp does not suffer dramatic temp rises. Pretty cool ain't it? If the ice box is in pre chill and the door gets opened then a DEFROST HOLD OFF will jump in and not do a defrost for several hours. If the door is continually opened at the end of 16 hours the adc is gonna defrost that ice box anyway. The defrost period varies but is a maximum time of 45 minutes including when the DWELL kicks in. Dwell is the length of time the ice box stays off AFTER the heater is terminated.
Then The POST DWELL will kick in. The post dwell will fire up the compressor and condenser fan but the inside fans will not run allowing the coils inside to cool down before them fans kick in and she jumps back into Cooling mode. I bet you would like to have a copy of GE's adc repair manual wouldn't you?

Neptune Dryer Repair Manual

Maytag Neptune Dryer repair manual

Kitchen Aid Built-in Oven Manual

KAC-28 Kitchenaid Oven Repair Manual

Thermadore oven manual

Thermadore Oven Repair Manual

LG dishwasher Manual

LG dishwasher repair manual